Answers to common questions 


Are items really free? +

Yes they are!! Freetopia does not charge a transaction fee. The only money involved is if you would like to buy a credit. We encourage everybody that signs up to to post items of their own to get credits and truely experince this free marketplace.

Why free things? +

Every household has plenty of items that haven't been used in months just sitting on the shelf collecting dust. While you may not find those items useful anymore... others may! We created Freetopia as a way for you to turn all of those unused items into items that you do use.

If someone sends you a referral... simply use their unique URL link to sign up. After completing your signup that person will receive a credit for referring you.

How do I add a profile picture? +

Go to your profile page by clicking to second button from the left. Once there, click the settings icon in the top right corner (it's shaped like a gear). Then tap on photo to add your picture :)

Do I have to give out my cell phone number or email to communicate with other users? +

No. You can do all of your chatting within the app through the messages section. This section can be found by hitting the messages button in the bottom right hand corner. Please note that once a user has left the conversation... you will not be able to message them unless they rejoin the chat.


Why do I need credits? +

Credits are used to get items. We wanted to make the process of getting items as easy as possible which is why each item only takes 1 credit to get.

How do I earn more credits? +

Go to the credits screen which is located at the bottom (shaped like a star). Once there, hit the (want to earn more?) button. You will then see a list of the three ways to earn credits: 1)Post an item 2)Refer a friend 3)Buy a credit($4.99)

How do I know when my credits will expire? +

Credits have a 24-hour life cycle. Each user will have a different time of expiration because the time is set from when you signed up. For example, if you signed up at 6:20 pm then thats the time your credits will expire everyday. If you can't use your credits and you don't want them to expire you can move them to your next cycle.

To do this go to your profile page which is the button at the bottom second from the left. Hit the settings icon in the top right corner. Then hit credits and you can now move your credits to the next day by tapping them. Hit save when you are done.

Why didn't I receive my credit for posting an item? +

You receive your credit once someone has gotten your item and hit the confirm pickup button. You can remind them to hit the button when they come for pickup.


How do I know if an item is available? +

All of the items you see on the homepage are still available. Once someone has gotten an item it will disappear from the homepage.

How do I search for items near me? +

When you click on an item you can see how many miles it is away from you by looking right under the item name. You can also narrow down your search by hitting the filter button (top right hand corner on the homepage). Put in your location and then adjust the miles slider to fit your preference. Tap save filters at the bottom when you are done.

How do I get an item? +

Simply click on the item you are interested in and hit the get this item button. (If you have any questions about the item please ask them before hitting the button)

How do I post an item? +

From the homepage hit post your free stuff (located towards the bottom). Add your photos, item name, description (optional), location of the pickup, and delivery method (Right now we only support pickup).

What do I do after I pickup my item? +

Hit the confirm pickup button so the "seller" can receive their credit. You can then leave a review which helps other users in the Freetopia community decide if they want to do transactions with the "seller" in the future.

Where should I meet the "buyer" for pickup? +

We advise you to always meet at a public place.

How do I contact a "seller" with questions about their posting? +

Hit the item you have a question about and then tap the message owner about this item button at the bottom.

Why are reviews important? +

Reviews help other users in the Freetopia community decide if they can trust certain "sellers"